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What's Within The Game - Bloons Tower defense BTD5 Hacked

In this 4th edition there is a whole new revamp on the graphics in contrast towards the prior three games too as lots of new enemy Bloons, six new maps to accomplish and also 6 new towers to purchase and upgrade.

Game Play

The aim involving Bloons Tower defense 4 is to produce a barrier associated with defensive turrets that will automatically fire arrows along using other ammunition in the floating Balloons that will pass by. As the overall game progresses you'll go through wave after wave of enemies, each along with every period getting harder and harder in order to defeat.

Create the barricade associated with towers across the paths in order to ensure none regarding the Bloons escape to end up being able to our base. When you start to earn enough factors use them to get several new towers for you to a lot more powerful units.

Game Modes

Bloons 4 brings a quantity of gaming into the series with almost all the add-on of 2 additional Game Modes pertaining to one to play through. Apart in the Normal edition you can enjoy Apocalypse mode if you dare! Throughout this mode the Bloon enemies find harder right after every wave, there aren't any rounds and in addition the expense regarding towers as well as upgrades are generally set to always be able to Medium Trouble prices.

Sandbox Mode may become the easiest while you are given Endless Funds and Life, so you could build and upgrade towers until your heart's content, you'll become able to even choose which enemy sorts you would like to become able to come round next. Sandbox is actually pretty much useful for testing out other ways regarding aiming the towers as well as finding out those are perfect for general damage.

Towers as well as Defensive Items

There tend to be 13 Towers for sale in total to build. However each and every of them features 4 Upgrades available to boost damage, range or shots etc.

Dart Monkey - Expenses 200 - Shoots single Darts

Tack Shooter - Expenses 360 - Fires the volley involving eight Tacks

Boomerang Thrower - costs 400 - Throws a boomerang in the curved angle

Bomb Tower - Expenses 700 - Throws any bomb that explodes, damage on multiple bloons

Ice Tower - Expenses 380 - Freezes Bloons for you to slow these people down

Mortar Tower - Expenses 825 - Shoots Mortars in a targeted area

Glue Gunner - costs 300 - Shoots out Glue to be able to slow all of them down

Monkey Beacon - costs 1000 - Raises the actual selection of neighborhood Towers

Monkey Ace - costs 900 - Sends the Plane inside the sky shooting down Darts

Monkey Buccaneer - costs 600 - Boat ship that will shoots single darts from a water area

Monkey Apprentice - Expenses 550 - Randomly casts different spells at enemies

Super Monkey - Expenses 4000 - Shoots fast deadly lasers!

Banana Farm - costs 1000 - Generates more money to use at your conclusion of your round

As well because the 13 towers, you can easily also buy extra defensives that they fit straight around the road path. These kind of consist of Spikes, Exploding Pineapples, Glue plus a Dartling Gun.


In total there are 14 maps, Nevertheless eight of these you've to buy through Mochi Coins. Don't worry however there are 6 totally free maps to choose from that contain 1 Easy, 3 Intermediate and also one Hard.

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